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22. In New York I got 18 compliments in 5 days from completely random people on the street; in France I got 28 in 7 days.

21. I once got a really nice scarf for christmas. I left it in my locker during a school day and someone stole it. I bought another one of the same kind and I managed to lose it at a party.

020. My natural hair color isn’t blonde.

019. I had Tourette’s when I was little.

I think my tics were at their worst when I was like 9-12 or something. like, I would make those typical squeaky noises in the back of my throat that I bet everyone with Tourette’s has at one point or another, I had to make them all the fucking time. I remember my aunt getting SO mad at me for not shutting up or holding them back or whatever. but then again, she was kind of a bitch, and it’s impossible you know, you can’t just hold tics back, you’ll go out of your mind.

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018. I love flower lace.

017. I love fall/rain and winter/snow. The dark time of the year in general.

016. I love horror movies. Especially when you watch them in good company.

014. I honestly don’t know what I like the most out of sex, boys and cats.

013. I had a friend when I was in elementary school who’s mother had apparently taken riding lessons from Viggo Mortensen. She asked stuff in Swedish and he responded in Danish.

011. I named my tumblr after Semi Precious Weapons’ song “Leave Your Pretty to Me” but then changed my mind and now it’s named after Patrick Wolf’s “Tristan” instead.