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I had another incredibly fucked up dream. ugh. it’s been a while since I typed one down so here goes I guess. :///

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I had the worst nightmare tonight ._. I actually woke up crying from it and Jacob woke up as well and had to hold me and kiss me and stuff to calm me down. ugh. it was the worst feeling. and I remember how I felt in the dream once I was awake too omfg. but then I had a weird/funny dream this morning as well:

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time for another dream-post! ugh. had the worst kind of dream tonight, the kind that has no significance what so ever and is like split into several parts that have nothing to do with each other. but it was basically a nightmare I guess, but not really.

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lolomg christ, I had another fucked up dream last night. I don’t even know what triggers these things anymore cheezus

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I had the most fucked dream ever. no seriously. oh my fucking god. read it. you won’t believe it I swear to belukha.

it had party at Lady Gaga’s place and Gale and Robert Gant doing porn and Pride and me killing one of you tumblr people by whipping her with a snake.

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what the actual _fuck_ is going on in my head these days

tonight I dreamt I was going to a party at one of last years’ seniors’ house, with one of this years’ seniors, dressed in swimming trunks and an ugly t-shirt and gym shoes. I was also bringing my nine year-old brother with me.

at the party we’re getting piss drunk and somehow we’re at Peace & Love only it’s pitch dark and yeah I’m going to stop now because you wouldn’t believe the rest omg

I had the weirdest fucking dream.

I was on my way home from socializing with horses, and I came across a lamp post with a big ass fucking cobra slithered all around it, and a rabbit in a birds nest on top of the post, trying to escape the snake. I somehow turned into the rabbit and fled the place, but I could only run, like, one big hop at the time, then I had to grab onto something and get leverage to be able to jump as far again, it was fucking frustrating. And I was being chased by a mutated snake and shit. It was fucking huge, I tell you. So I hopped home, and turned back into a human, and I think I talked to my cat about not going outside because then he would get eaten and whatever. THEN, I was back at the lamp post, and there was this big crowd there, and all of a sudden Lady Gaga is standing at my side and like wraps her arms around my waist and talks to me like I’m her best friend and smiles and omg she’s so adorable and she is wearing black nerd glasses and isfhjdsgbj I’m just like, “oh my god, Lady Gaga~~~ I can’t let her know I love her so much, I have to act bored!” so I try to seem unfazed about it, nevermind I had just been chased across town by a fucking killer cobra the size of a fucking lamp post. I remember thinkig in my dream “I want to fuck her” but at the same time she was like my best friend and I felt super safe when she hugged me and stuff~

Um. Yeah.

I don’t know what my brain is up to.

Last night I dreamt I was at our summer place on our island in the Swedish archipelago, but instead of my mom’s uncle’s sheep that usually run around on that island, there were cannibal zombies. Yeah. I’m not kidding. This was not a nightmare though, because I actually dream about shit like this pretty often. The thing that makes it worth mentioning in a tumblr post is that the cannibal zombies were Rachel, Quinn and Santana from Glee. Probably because I remember someone reblogging a fanart of them as zombies yesterday, and somehow that appealed to my subconscious. Lol.